Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ways to Save

I'm always looking for ways to save.  Some of these you may already do but hopefully you will find something new that you can benefit from!  For one thing I never buy napkins.  I save all the extra's you get when you buy fast food or use cloth napkins.  If there is a spill on the counter I use a dishcloth.  A spill on the floor, a rag.  Paper towels are only used for microwaving usually. 
As far as cleaning supplies go, I use 4 parts water to 1 part vinegar for most of my cleaning.  It works on mirrors, counters and just about anything else. 
For drying clothes instead of dryer sheets I use wool dryer balls.  You can purchase them on Ebay right now 3 for $14.  As long as your dog doesn't get a hold of them they will last a long time.  They work as well as dryer sheets just without the smell. 
For washing clothes I use SmartKlean Laundry Ball.  It cleans clothes without bleach, soap or detergent in cold water.  It lasts a year if you wash 18 lbs of laundry a day.  I don't use them with all of my loads of clothes.  If I have wet cloths that have been sitting or soiled clothes I use Tide.  There is a Laundry Ball on Ebay right now for $9.95.  As you can see I buy most of my stuff on Ebay.  I'm signed up with which gives you a rebate whenever you purchase something through Ebay.  You have to do it through Ebay Canada to get a larger amount of money back but it works the same way as the USA Ebay does.  Then you get Ebay bucks for buying something on Ebay.  Right now bigcrumbs owes me $23.60 and I have $20 of Ebay bucks.  It's nice to get money back for buying things!  And I always make sure that Ebay has the lowest price before I buy anything.  Sometimes I can find it cheaper online.